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What They Say August 12, 2014

The Perfect Blueprint
mitch-joel“It’s been over a decade since social media changed the way that businesses connect with their consumers and their employees. So, where are we at? In Touch, Mark Blevis and Tod Maffin argue that even though technology has enabled us to connect like never before, we’ve actually moved in the opposite direction. We have removed the real and human connections. It’s time to bring that human touch back to business. This book lays out the perfect blueprint. Want to be more human? Start with TOUCH.”
— Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image – Author, “Six Pixels of Separation” and “CTRL ALT Delete”

TOUCH is… Where You Wanted To Be All Along
CB_Thumb“Every now and again, a book makes you flip a LOT of your thoughts upside down and look at them from a different angle. TOUCH is that book. Maffin and Blevis force you into a strange world while pointing out that it’s where you wanted to be all along.”
—Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group and author of several books including “Trust Agents” and “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”

Refreshing and Practical
SM_THUMB2“TOUCH offers a refreshing look at the humanity behind our digital-centric lives, with practical tips for putting the humanity back in business. Make these TOUCHpoints your guide to the business of the future.”
— Scott Monty, Executive Vice President of Strategy, SHIFT Communications (former Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company

Well-Writted and Informative
Meerman_THUMB“People want to do business with other people.  That’s been true since the beginning of time. A hundred years ago our great-grandparents knew the people who sold them hardware or shoes or chickens. But in an era of mass media, we’ve lost the human touch. Now it is time to regain humanity in business and Mark and Tod will show you how in this well-written and informative guide.”
— David Meerman Scott, international best-selling author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”

Concise, Readable, Actionable
“Just in time, Tod Maffin and Mark Blevis have produced Touch, a concise, readable, and actionable guide to making sure your company has a soul. You’ll want to not just read, but use, TOUCH.”
— Shel Holtz, principal, Holtz Communication + Technology and author or co-author of many books including “Tactical Transparency”

Heed Their Advice
“Tod and Mark are both some of the earliest pioneers of social media, and I have been watching them work for years. Heed their advice – it may make every difference for your business.”
— Julien Smith, Co-author of “Trust Agents” and “The Impact Equation”, Co-founder and CEO, Breather

A Must Read for Today’s Leader
“Tod Maffin And Mark Blevis have put together a much-needed road map for humanizing todays over-connected workplace. Too many people and organizations have allowed process and technology to overrun human sensibility and empathy. TOUCH is your starting point to breath humanity, into your marketing, sales and human resource teams. A must read for today’s leader.”
— Shane Gibson co-author of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing and Sociable!

A Much-Needed Intervention
“Our love affair with technology is about to get a much-needed literary intervention. In TOUCH, we’re reminded that it’s time to get back to building human-run businesses. While software and social media are essential, co-authors Tod Maffin and Mark Blevis demonstrate why these high-tech tools need strong leaders behind them. Don’t miss out on picking up your copy of TOUCH to find out how organizations of all shapes and sizes can get back on the human track.”
— Amber Mac, Author of “Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business” and President of Konnekt Digital Engagement

“Mark and Tod ask leadership to to look at technology and ask “What will it do to me?” not ask “What will it do for me? Regardless of the size of enterprise you are in, technical change is constant, and necessary. Tod and Mark show us in an easy to understand way that embracing technology correctly means understanding how it affects us on a human scale.”
— Steve Dotto, host, Dotto Tech

Practical advice
“TOUCH makes me proud to be in PR. Beyond that, it provides practical advice that we can add to our arsenal as we continue to push for our new place in the business ecosystem. If Brian Solis and Scott Stratten had a love child, it would be ‘TOUCH'”
— Lea Werthman, president, CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau


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What They Say August 12, 2014